Talking Mailchimp design at Leading Design London

Late last year I spoke at the Leading Design conference in London about the (then, recent) overhaul of Mailchimp’s brand. In my talk (embedded above and at Vimeo), I shared the story of how the brand refresh came to be, why it happened, and the changes I helped lead internally to provide Mailchimp’s customers with a new, cohesive brand experience across every touchpoint.

I was invited to speak at the conference months before when I was Senior Director of Design at the company. I accepted the invitation, for the brand refresh would be launching soon beforehand and the format of the conference was perfect for the topic.

Leading up to conference, I resigned from the company. As much as I wanted to stay and see my vision for the brand play out, the time was right for me to step down and take some (much needed) time off. I considered uninviting myself from the conference, but was encouraged to stay and share the story. So I did.

In the end, it was a cathartic experience, for it culminated many months of hard work. This wasn’t simply a story about changing colors and typefaces (that was actually the least of it), but rather a story about organizational alignment, scale, and the requisite changes design at Mailchimp needed to meet future demand.

Todd Dominey