Fixing washed out videos from Premiere Pro (Mac)


Since I first started editing content in Premiere Pro on my iMac, I’ve had ongoing problems with exported video appearing softer, lighter, and with less contrast compared to the source video inside Premiere.

See the image above for comparison. The top image was captured from the timeline in Premiere Pro on my iMac. The second image was captured from QuickTime using the same video exported to H.264 (using the default YouTube settings). The third image was also captured in QuickTime, except this time the video was exported using a new Gamma Compensation LUT provided by Adobe.

By applying this LUT on export, your rendered videos will look very similar to how they appear inside Premiere, which is huge help when color grading. There are all kinds of technical reasons for why this is even happening, which you can read about on the page linked above if interested. Overall though, I’m thrilled to have this issue finally resolved, even if it means the extra step of adding a LUT everytime I export a video.

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