Must Have Landscape Photography Accessories for Iceland

After my most recent trip to Iceland — a trip in which my Canon 5D Mark IV unfortunately succumbed to the elements — I decided to create a follow-up video of recommended photo accessories and other general tips for those photographers who may be planning their own trip to the land of fire and ice.

Iceland’s weather is famously unpredictable, with everything from rain to snow to cold temperatures to high wind. It’s a place which demands extra vigilance and care when protecting your camera gear. And because of Iceland’s geographical remoteness, the gear you have is typically the gear you bring, so you want to make sure you’re packing all the right things before scanning that boarding pass.

This video, by the way, is the first of its kind for me. I’ve been slowly putting together a space in my home to produce videos like these, one light and boom stand at a time. I’m a total amateur when it comes to producing content like this, but I’m having a great time doing it, and expect to get better at it as time marches on.

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Must Have Photo Accessories for Iceland

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