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New channel on YouTube

At first, I laughed at the idea. Me? Making YouTube videos? My own “channel”? Seriously?

Part of me still feels that way, but here’s the thing. Over the past year I’ve traveled to Hawaii, Costa Rica, Banff, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Germany, and the American West. I’ve hiked miles carrying a backpack full of photography gear. I’ve captured thousands of photos, edited and posted my best images to this website and social media. I’ve returned home with stories to share, and sometimes wrote about them. And yet, through it all, felt something was being left behind: the experience of being there.

The behind-the-scenes moments. The challenge of traveling to a new country. The creative process behind a photograph.

I may have a Lightroom catalog full of photos, but the memory and experience of where those photos were taken and the process of creating them mostly exists only with me.

It was then the idea of starting a YouTube channel didn’t seem quite so crazy. My initial question of “why?” eventually gave way to “why the hell not?” I realized that unless I made an effort to capture these experiences, no matter how weird it might feel being in front of a camera, nobody else would. I had to do it myself, and learn the ropes by throwing myself into the deep end of the pool.

And so, last month I shot videos in Iceland and Norway, and to my surprise, had a blast doing it. I probably made every beginner mistake in the book, but learned a lot along the way. My first attempt — photographing Vestrahorn in Iceland — is embedded above.

Here we go.

Todd Dominey