Greetings, I’m Todd

Following years of working in the design and technology industry, I’m currently experiencing life as a creative without a business card. I’m taking a break from my professional career to pursue a lifelong interest in landscape and travel photography.

Over the past year I’ve been to Iceland (twice), Italy, France, Germany, England, Costa Rica, Mexico, Norway, Canada, plus a handful of states in the US. This website contains the output from those trips.

Before my sabbatical, I built design teams, designed products and developed brands at large companies; in addition to independently founding two software businesses.


My most recent role was Senior Director of Design at Mailchimp. During my 3+ years at the company, I built a new department of design which incorporated all product, marketing and brand design. This shift towards consolidation aligned the Mailchimp customer experience through a shared mission, principles, and operations while still supporting cross-functional development teams. From product to marketing, our team’s work touched millions of users every day. My final achievement was leading the 2018 rebrand which refreshed, realigned, and systematized Mailchimp’s visual look and feel across all touchpoints.

Prior to Mailchimp, I founded two software businesses. The most recent was Koken, a photography content management system. The self-install platform was free and earned its keep through an integrated storefront offering paid themes, plugins and add-on services. Koken was a joy to create, for it rolled together all the things I loved most — product design, software development, photography, and web design. Koken found a strong niche and grew into a successful business before being acquired by NetObjects in 2015.

Before Koken was SlideShowPro. For a time in the late 2000s, SlideShowPro was pretty much the standard photo and video slideshow player on the web. Seemed like everybody was using it, from photographers to newspapers to presidential candidates. Development on SlideShowPro ended with the rise of mobile and HTML5, but during its heyday, SlideShowPro played a notable role on the web.

Going even further back in time, in 2006 I was a co-founder and creative director of Super Deluxe. Hatched by a small team within Turner, Super Deluxe was one of the first original video content networks on the web. Every day, we pushed boundaries with mind bending animations, short films, and comedic shorts. Our team of designers handled everything from brand to marketing to the website experience.

Before I got involved with big companies and building software, I lived in Charleston, the charming colonial city by the sea in South Carolina. There, I moonlighted for many years as a public radio DJ hosting the late-night music program "The Kitchen Sink" on SC Public Radio. During daylight hours, I worked in marketing and design for two performing arts organizations (Spoleto and the Ballet) while also writing music reviews and artist interviews for newspapers and magazines. Last but certainly not least, Charleston is where I met my wife, Heather.


All of the gear I use when traveling and photographing on one page. Updated every time something is added or removed.


Feel free to reach out and say hello.



Photo by Luke Beard

Photo by Luke Beard


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